Benefits of Sunlight

Sunlight has positive and negative effects on our body. For example, it is known very well that exposure in the sun can cause burns and increase the risk of cancer over time; however, sun exposure is also needed for synthesis of Vitamin D in the skin.

Positive Effects of the Sun

Improves your Mood

There are many benefits from sunlight, including that it is a free mood enhancer says Dr. Bligard. Exposure in the sun can make us feel better and inreases energy. Sunlight heightens the levels of serotonin in the brain, which is consociated with enhanced mood. Serotonin are highest in the summer.

Treats Seasonal Depression

For some people, lack of sunlight in the winter seems to trigger depression. The symptoms include bad moods, overeating, problem in making and keeping friends, sleeping too much and tiredness . Seasonal depression, is rare in the warmer months.

Reduces Stress

Everybody experiences stress for various reasons, like issues in the family, work and health. Stress can be relieved in different ways, which includes exercise, relaxing hobbies, walking the dog or by getting outto get fresh air and for sun exposure.

Enhances Sleep

Exposure in sunlight affects how much melatonin your brain produces. It will tell your brain that it is time to sleep. At night, your brain starts producing melatonin so that you will be ready to sleep in two hours.